Make it Epic. Throw some Thunder. Fuel it with Power. Enjoy the Blast. This is creativity, it can feel reckless but you wouldn’t miss out on the impact.

Working in a remix of creative concept development, strategy and design

Some Christmas gifts make more sense than others
Christmas brand activation campaign. Media included TVC and Social content for support
Client: Forests of the World / Verdens Skove
Services: Art Direction, Film Direction, Brand activation
Give nature space
Fundraising campaign to build a spaceship for natur. Now that we apparelly don't want it on planet Earth
Client: Forests of the world / Verdens Skove
Services: Concept, Art Direction, Image composition
Streaming service
Ally product launch of a new streaming service
Client: Aller Media
Services: Brand identity, Motion Design
Not very sweet
Product launch of Royal Unibrew's Seltzer drink, a product line extension under the Shaker brand
Client: Royal Unibrew
Services: Creative concept and strategy
Stop EU-Mercusor trade agreement
Awareness campaign focusing on the side effect of blindly signing a trading agrement with Brazil.
Client: Forests of the World / Verdens Skove
Services: Art Direction, Image composition
Meat production ruins the rainforests and it's wildlife
European campaign for stopping deforestation with focus on the bad side of meat production
Client: Greenpeace
Services: Creative concept, Art Direction,
Lemon the Cat
Fundraising campaign
Client: Animal protection
Services: Creative strategy and concept
Pas på hjortene i trafikken
Informations kampagne
Client: Dyrenes Beskyttelse
Services: Concept and Art direction
The Xbox Butler service
Scandinavia activation campaign for Microsoft Xbox
Client: Microsoft Xbox
Services: Creative strategy and concept, Art Direction
Industrial Chicken
Public awareness campaign
Client: Animal Protection
Services: Creative concept and Art Direction
A little help
Brand platform for fertility clinic
Client: Aleris Hospitals
Services: Creative strategy and concept
Sound moves seamlessly
Product launch of tactical communication equitment
Client: Invisio
Services: Creative concept, Art Direction
The World's most relaxing film
Tourist destination brand awareness platform
Client: Visit Denmark
Services: Creative strategy and concept
The Land grabbing experiment
Brand awareness communication platform
Client: Mellemfolkelig Samvirke
Services: Strategy and creative concept
Tilbud der vil ses
Taktisk kommunikations univers
Client: Lo-Plus
Services: Concept and Art direction
Indviklet opgaver
Virksom er en fagforening for selvstændige
Client: Virksom
Services: Concept & Art Direction
Catch the VivoSmart
Ourdoor activation. Where people should catch the Garmin Vivosmart to show how fast they are
Client: Garmin
Services: Concept & Art Direction
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