The Land grabbing experiment
Every day big multinational corporations take over large land areas in Africa to grow biofuel. They drive out poor families from their homes and put them in a situation where they can no longer feed themselves. 
But how do we make people in Denmark care and engage in something so far away?
Let's bring the problem to Denmark. We showed up with a serious demolition team in a quiet Danish suburban area claiming that we were there to tear down their houses and take over their land. People reacted in anger and disbelief.
The whole thing was filmed with hidden cameras and the stunt quickly started 
the intended debate in Denmark. 
In two weeks: More than 150,000 views, over 200 comments and 1,500 likes. Lots of coverage in national news. But best of all, a great debate in Danish national radio giving the subject the much needed attention.

Campaign featured in Luerzer's Archive
Creative Circle Award - True award
Magazine print:
Case film:
Website with journal from the villages in Africa
360 view of the villages
Agency people
• Morten Kjær, Creative Director
• Peter Dubienko & Claus Collstrup, Sr. Creative
• Daniel Secq, Copywriter 
• Lene Hylleberg & Katja Madsen, Project manager
• Camilla Rannes, Strategy
Film people
• Mathias Hovgaard, Director
• Jonas Koop, Producer 
• Mads Thomsen, DoP
• Jens Høll & Kim Blidorf, Photographer
• Lars Rasmussen, Sounddesign
• Dennis Bremholm, Scenografi
Photo People
• Magnus Ekstrøm, Photographer
• Drasko Petric, Retouch 
• Michael Lauritsen, 3D design
Web People
• Carsten Bladt, Head of Strategy and production
• Web agency: Nörd
• Jakob Dall, Photographer

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