Few know how bad conditions industrial chickens suffer under. Many believe that the worst part of chicken production, is the one used for eggs - but many other parts of production are also problematic. Animal Protection Denmark has a label of good animal welfare and would expose the poor conditions of industrial chickens.
Through various physical media on both outdoor and print we visualized the welfare problems that are present in industrial chicken production. For example, chickens are kept artificially awake with large lamps, so instead of the usual two, we put an extra 20 lamps to light up our billboard. Industrial chickens don’t have access to fresh air, so we pulled a giant plastic bag over the Adshell. 
Distribution of media:
Paid: Outdoor, Print, Social content and online bannere.
Owned: Own website with social interview film and incl. landing page with signature collection.
Earned: Presskit incl. interview film, debate post, comment and sharing on social media
The campaign resulted in the Danish population being mobilized in a united front against the poor conditions for industrial chickens. This led to direct political change in Christiansborg and new legislation in the area.

Here are the primary results:
More than 38,000 signatures were collected, and the goal of 25,000 was therefore more than met.
855,000 Danes saw the campaign.
There was an increase from 72% to 78% of Danes who believe that chickens should have better conditions.

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