Client: Garmin Nordic 
Catch the VivoSmart
We rebuild a billboard into a workout station where people got challenged to keep up with the Garmin Vivosmart. #catchthevivosmart
Garmin Vivosmart HR is an "activity tracker" that sends push notifications if you move too slow or little. That's why it was important to say that the Vivosmart HR can keep you moving.
The campaign idea should show that the Garmin Vivosmart HR can keep you moving.  
We activation this product insight by having people trying to take a picture of a Vivosmart that raced around the billboard for 20 seconds (7 different tracks/movies). If they were fast enough and managed to take a picture, they had to upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #catchtheVivosmart and thereby entering in the competition for a Vivosmart HR. 
The campaign was not only limited to the media placement in front of Copenhagen town hall square. We also kick-started a conversation with the target group across social media (Paid, Owned, Earned), and therefore our campaign's message reached much further as we gave the target group something to "play" with. We gave them space so that they could, in a fun way, help create their own content, comment on other people's content or simply "Like". So... The advertising campaign on the town hall square became a topic of conversation on social media.

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