Xbox launches The Butler Service to give gamers more time for gaming.
For too long ordinary households tasks have stood in the way of gaming. Boring everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry and so on are stealing hour after hour from gamers busy lives, minimizing the quality time they can spend gaming.

That is why Xbox wants to help gamers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden by launching The Butler Service. The Butler arrives at your home everyday for one week and handles all your everyday tasks, so all you have to handle is your Xbox One X.
No more shall a lovely Forza race be interrupted by a stinking pile of laundry, a wonderful game of Shadow of War be ruined by a sink full of dishes or an amazing mission in Assassin’s Creed be pushed aside by dirty windows. 

The Xbox Butler will see to that.
The services of the Butler will be offered to Xbox owners in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in partnership with an temp agency

The idea behind the campaign is to showed that XBOX understand it’s gamers by actively do something real for the them, and not just a tale about the new Xbox ONE X qualities. And since the problem was everyday tasks, the solution had to be something that made sure that these were sorted out. And that became The Butler Service.
Campaign film:
Case film:
Agency: Marvelous
​​​​​​​Creatives: Cris Anthony Hödar, Jesper Grubb, Peter Dubienko,
Senior Digital Designer: Jörg Butzer
Head of social: David Ledstrup
Account Director: Henrik Seeward
Projectmanager: Martin Flintager
Film director: Aleksander Hørup Gislason
Cinematographer: Snorre Ruhe
In-house Producer: Ida Marie Bødtker
Laundry Monster costume: Hjortefar

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