Epic Thunder Power Blast is work done by Peter Dubienko, working as freelance Art Director and Creative Consultant.

Driven by storytelling through visual communication. Love working with nice people.

Some Christmas gifts make more sense than others
Christmas brand activation campaign. Media included TVC and Social content for support
Client: Forests of the World / Verdens Skove
Services: Art Direction, Film Direction, Brand activation
Give nature space
Fundraising campaign to build a spaceship for natur. Now that we apparelly don't want it on planet Earth
Client: Forests of the world / Verdens Skove
Services: Concept, Art Direction, Image composition
Streaming service
Ally product launch of a new streaming service
Client: Aller Media
Services: Brand identity, Motion Design
Not very sweet
Product launch of Royal Unibrew's Seltzer drink, a product line extension under the Shaker brand
Client: Royal Unibrew
Services: Creative concept and strategy
Stop EU-Mercusor trade agreement
Awareness campaign focusing on the side effect of blindly signing a trading agrement with Brazil.
Client: Forests of the World / Verdens Skove
Services: Art Direction, Image composition
Meat production ruins the rainforests and it's wildlife
European campaign for stopping deforestation with focus on the bad side of meat production
Client: Greenpeace
Services: Creative concept, Art Direction,
Conference identity
Motion design for a live streaming corporate conference.
Client: NREP
Services: Motion Design
Pas på hjortene i trafikken
Informations kampagne
Client: Dyrenes Beskyttelse
Services: Concept and Art direction
The Xbox Butler service
Scandinavia activation campaign for Microsoft Xbox
Client: Microsoft Xbox
Services: Creative strategy and concept, Art Direction
Industrial Chicken
Public awareness campaign
Client: Animal Protection
Services: Creative concept and Art Direction
A little help
Brand platform for fertility clinic
Client: Aleris Hospitals
Services: Creative strategy and concept
Waste material to sustainable material
Brand design for a industrial waste shredding machine
Client: M&J
Services: Brand design
Sound moves seamlessly
Product launch of tactical communication equitment
Client: Invisio
Services: Creative concept, Art Direction
The World's most relaxing film
Tourist destination brand awareness platform
Client: Visit Denmark
Services: Creative strategy and concept
The Land grabbing experiment
Brand awareness communication platform
Client: Mellemfolkelig Samvirke
Services: Strategy and creative concept
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