Nordic Advanced Prostate Cancer 

Client: Astellas Pharma

Conference brand identity for a medical prostate cancer academy. Bringing two camps together in order to support the patient centric-approach and the idea of the Multi Disciplinary Team. Oncologists (yellow) and Urologists (red).
The design is a modular approach which makes us able to build and construct different shapes and forms. It makes is possible for us communicate Patient Journey, the combination of the two existing camps and the general understanding of the MDT-approach.
The elements are used accross all the different materials; film, banners, conference, PPT’s, handouts, the website etc.
Part of the briefing was to keep the red and yellow color. because they where already established within the brand universe

Two camps merge to one
Urologists + Oncologists
Urologists (red)
Oncologists (yellow)
Urologists (red) + Oncologists (yellow)
The modular design as not only use as brand design but also as a playful texture In various compositions
Animated graphic for big screens introduction og key speakers. The animation below is running in dobbelt speed of the final film
Explainer film for what to expect and summary of how to move forward

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