Ally is a streaming service driven and funded by Aller Media Group. Ally's target groups are the everyday busy, picky media users who are looking for the perfect media content match so that they can use their screentime reasonable. The streaming service has different perspectives on various themes and therefore it is not only limited to a single media format as others streaming services. But contains all three formats Podcast, Articles and films so the users can experience different perspectives on the same topic.

The brand design has to beam out a fresh alternative to the already available streaming services. And with a brand promise that the streaming service has the users at the centre. With Podcast, Articles and films, the user can chooses what media format they want to consume, where and when. Ex. Podcast when you go for a run. Articles while sitting on the train and a film for the evening on the sofa. Therefore, the symbols “Play” and “Pause” are also incorporated into the design identity to strengthen the brands value proposition.​​​​​​​

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