WWF Nordic
Design of presentation & booklet template
App: PowerPoint
WWF needed a new fresh presentation look. Because all the departments where using their own various of different templates. And part of the briefing was not to sack the old ones but also merge them into the new one. They had boiled it down to two template they liked working with. Part of the brief was also to have in mind, that the people using the template are not super tech savvy (biologists) and tends to drag and drop articles and pictures. Most of all the tone of voice was to keep the presentation super simple to use, so they don’t end up with using to much time with graphic element, but instead could focus on the copy content.
First step was to analyse the old presentations to see if there was any clear design errors. Below you can see the blue dots that indicate this.
Then we created guidelines for the new presentation template
Jamming out ideas for the new template happed with the client (WWF) over a longer meeting session. Where we elaborated over different ideas and made a lot of drawings and combining old ideas with new one. And had open positive reflection on how people would use it in an everyday situation.
Final design template. Despite only showing 9 slides here, the final template version was executed out on 18 slides. And final delivery was done in Powerpoint fil format
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