Brand execution
Various work done over a period of time for global in-house agency. 
It's a long list of projects that range from websites designed in Figma, E-mail template design, Motion design for website and 6 minutes explainer films. Character design for a morning newsletter. Internal employer campaign for Diversity and Unconscious bias (not allowed to show) and the list goes on.
Below you will find a glimpse into the some of the work
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Direct mail
Development of a new template design for direct mails. Template was designed with responsiveness in-mind. Workflow was done in Figma and Adobe.
Copy replaced with Loren ipsum because of Non disclosure agreement

Updating website with new article. workflow was in Figma and Adobe
Website insight report
Updating website with long reads and insight reports. Most workflow was done in Figma and Adobe. 
Figma workflow. Updating website with new article
Product case film and explainer films
Motion design for a product case film and also helping with getting the story right with various explainer films. A combinations of live-footage and motion graphics. 
Typical the workflow started out in Illustrator, designing the the storyboard and after approval continued in After Effects.
Below is 9 scene take from the same case explainer film. It's approx 5 min. 
Direct mail

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